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All my compositions and songs are represented Worldwide by the PRS so if you purchase my sheet music there's no need to buy a MusicaNeo performance license - just please be sure to credit me as the composer or songwriter and the PRS as my Peforming Rights Organisation.

I really appreciate your support and would love to hear about any performances of my works.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further info.

  • Dream Five
  • Piano, Flute — Arr. Walker H.
  • 15.00 USD
  • Joy Song
  • Piano, Mixed choir
  • 15.00 USD
  • Dream Five
  • Piano, Pan flute — Arr. Walker H.
  • 15.00 USD
  • Reverie
  • Cello
  • 3.00 USD
  • Offbeat
  • Piano, Cello, Soprano Saxophone
  • 9.00 USD

'Without Words' awarded a winning place in the NYC Contemporary Music Symposium's Inaugural Call for Scores 2021

13.05.2021 News

Pianist: Baron Fenwick - 'Without Words' © Helen Walker ‘New Voices from Around the Globe’ - April 8th 2021 - St Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University, Manhattan, NYC, USA The sheet music is available to buy/download on MusicaNeo Price: 5.00 USD

Helen Walker: Trio for Clarinet, Cello & Piano - EP - Out Now!

02.12.2020 News

Music © Helen Walker 2020 © & ℗ Everyday Records 2020 Stasys Makštutis - Clarinet Avigail Arad - Cello Helen Walker - Piano On AppleMusic & iTunes: Also on: Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Deezer, Classical Archives, Idagio + many more downloading/streaming stores The Score is available to buy/download on MusicaNeo Price: 21.00 USD

Two works commissioned by ANIMO Flute & Piano Duo

02.12.2020 News

'Suite for Alto Flute & Piano'  (© Helen Walker 2019 & 2020) 'Two Pieces for Piccolo & Piano'  (© Helen Walker 2019 & 2020) to be Premiered, exclusively performed and recorded by ANIMO Flute and Piano Duo between 2020 &  2022.

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